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The HOLISTIC (Holistic Optimisation Leading to Integration of Sustainable Technologies In Communities) project was one of nine projects successfully evaluated by the European Commission to work on a Concerto II project. Indeed it is one of two projects in Ireland working under this programme; the other project is the Cloughjordan sustainable village project.

The CONCERTO initiative is part of the Europe’s Framework Program for Research and Technological Development, supervised by the DG Energy of the European Commission. Today, there are a total of 58 communities in 22 projects, each working to deliver the highest possible level of self-supply of energy.  Communities play a central role in CONCERTO projects and it is important that there is strong commitment from political and public authorities in the community where the project is to be implemented. Further information on the CONCERTO initiative and the communities involved can be found at www.concertoplus.eu

It is equally important that the people living, working or moving through these communities should benefit from the projects being implemented. It is the intention of the Concerto initiative that all people, even if not directly impacted by the project will be properly informed on the benefits of the project in order that it can be replicated in other communities.

For a CONCERTO community to have chances of being supported, it must contain all three components below:

  1. An improved energy efficiency in buildings (Eco-buildings) with
  2. New installations of renewable energy sources,
  3. Integration of the Eco-buildings and renewable energy sources, through a network and controlling mechanisms.

There should be a balance between the demand and supply in every CONCERTO community. Situations where the RES part is oversized compared to the demand of the Ecobuildings should be avoided. The same goes for the situations where the share of RES is too small compared to the demand of the CONCERTO Ecobuildings.

The HOLISTIC project is based in selected zones in Dundalk, Mödling (Austria) and Neuchâtel (Switzerland). These zones are representative of a typical urban community, since they contain within their borders every aspect of community life, i.e. housing, schools and colleges, hospital, hotel, retail and leisure facilities and industry. 

This project is aimed at showing other towns and cities across Europe how to use different energy technologies and techniques in an intelligent and integrated way. In Dundalk, the main focus will be on the technologies and behavioural changes that deliver the most efficient use of energy. The project will also involve research programmes such as the innovative use of renewable technologies, as well as research on the development of sustainable transport initiatives.

Further details on HOLISTIC can be found at www.concerto-holistic.eu

The HOLISTIC partners are:
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