Roshine National School, Co. Donegal with the assistance of Jim Duffy, Northern Energy Assessors

When we started work on our 2nd Green Flag we decided to establish what our energy consumption was. We contacted Energy Consultant, Jim Duffy who provided mentoring advice, assessment and a report detailing opportunities for energy savings.

Armed with the report, the principal James Gillespie with his 5th and 6th class pupils set about doing an energy audit. Some of the findings were expected while others were quite surprising. Most importantly, it provided a clear picture of their energy use.

The pupils were organised into teams of architects, engineers, scientists and computer experts and given the following roles & tools.


Role: Measure the building(s) and record the floor area of buildings with different ages

Tools: Ruler, scaled or grid –lined paper, pencils, eraser

The architects team working on their display energy certificate
The engineers working on their DEC


Role: Survey the building (s) and record the building services, lighting heating, equipment

Tools: Sharp eyes, pencil eraser, DEC input form from


Role: Review the energy bills, convert oil litres to kWh , Sum all kWh fuel

Tools: Energy bills, conversion tables, calculator, pencil and paper

The scientists working on their DEC
The Computer experts working on their DEC

Computer Experts

Role: Enter all data into the on-line form  at and publish the DEC

Tools: All data gathered, computer, on-line connection, printer

The hands on approach created great awareness and the pupils thoroughly enjoyed completing the task in hand.  Roshine NS are now proud to have their 1st DEC and plan to renew it annually.Roshine national school with their display energy certificate (DEC)

SEAI would like to acknowledge and thank James Gillespie, Principal, Roshine NS, Co Donegal and Jim Duffy, Northern Energy Assessors,who provided the above approach to involving the pupils in getting a DEC. 

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