Winners & Finalists 2016

One Good Idea Winners 2016 - Congratulations!

Congratulations to all of the winners. For a flavour of what happened at the National Final on May 11th in the Printworks Dublin Castle have a look at our video.

Overall Winner 2016 and AIB Innovation Award Winner
Overall Winners OneGoodIdea2016The Showerlite team from St. Mogue's College, Co. Cavan wanted to educate teenagers about the damage that their shower habits are having on climate change. They wanted to teach them of the benefits that reducing the average teenage shower to 5 minutes will have on their lives, their families’ lives and in relation to climate change and water conservation. They believe that if adults can have an average shower time of 5 minutes, then why can’t teenagers? By cutting 8.5 minutes off their average shower time (at an average of 4.5 per week) there is huge savings in time, carbon, water, money and in terms of climate change. They have a very thoughtful slogan – “Longer Showers = More Showers” and they are working towards getting a showerhead with an LED light that turns red after 5 minutes in the shower. The winning team got €2,000 for their school, tablets for each team member and a €200 voucher for their teacher. Congratulations!
Primary Winner 2016
Primary School Winners One Good Idea 2016The Gardaí Fuinnimh - Energy Guards,  Ardfert Central N.S. Co. Kerry slogan is 'Energy Conservation, let's look after our nation'. They asked all the people in their school to turn off classroom and bathroom lights when not needed, not to leave interactive whiteboards on standby and not to open the window when the radiator is on.  They also encouraged their classmates to close classroom and main school doors during break times, to turn off the lights and computers in the computer room when finished with them and to tell everybody at home how to save energy and follow the same simple tips at home. They wrote and performed a short drama to bring their message to the younger classes and made a board game and an interactive online quiz on the online game based learning platform They made it very easy for their peers and school community to follow their tips and information by blogging about their campaign on the school website and social media page. They also appeared in the Kerry’s Eye Newspaper and even managed to get on ‘Radio Kerry’s Talk about Show ‘to talk about their awareness campaign. 
Senior Winner 2016
Senior Winner OGI 2016For Peats Sake from Athlone Community College looked at rewetting drained and cutaway bogs to help combat climate change and also to ensure rare plant species survive. They want to inform people on the importance of peatlands and the impact drainage has on the bog land. If bogs are rewetted this would reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere helping Ireland reach the Kyoto protocol and also working towards the COP21 agreements. The team were able to make contact with Duncan Stewart who said he would love to include their project in the next series of Eco Eye as a part of an episode on peatlands and carbon sinks. They will also have an article on their project in the Peatland Spring News Magazine published.  They have been campaigning very hard and doing lots of presentations throughout the country and visited many council offices. An Taisce published an article on their website about their project and they were featured on Athlone Community Radio as well as RTE six one News.
Junior Winner 2016
Junior Winner 2016Save Energy Now from Scoil Phobail Sliabh Luachra, Co. Kerry looked at growing their own food at home to reduce to their food miles and carbon footprint. They believe that if you grow your own food at home, you don’t need to drive to the shop for anything – then this will reduce the carbon footprint. They have a catchy slogan – ‘be a dude, grow your food’. They also organised a gardening gig in the school where a celebrity gardener gave a workshop on how to plant seeds. They have a school garden project that has been running for 30 years where students are supplied with seeds to set their own garden at home each spring and in the Autumn months, the gardens are inspected to see how it is getting on for growth and what advice the students may need. The garden project helps to gain skills of gardening and growing food. Their One Good Idea is to encourage more and more students to get involved in the project and learn to grow their own food as it will be an excellent way to save energy as it reduces food miles and carbon footprint. 
Primary School Runner-Up 2016
Primary Runner Up OGI 2016The Superheaters from St Patrick's NS in Limerick slogan is ‘Heat less not heat loss’ - by turning down the thermostat by 1 degree – insulating the home and using lagging jackets on hot water tanks. The Superheaters interviewed an engineer and spoke to the Tipperary Energy Agency to get their advice on providing good tips to prevent heat loss. The invited a speaker from a Heating Consultancy to bring in a thermal heat camera to show how to identify where heat is being lost in the home and how it can be prevented. The Superheaters discovered that most families use fossil fuels to heat their homes and they are unable to control their heating thermostatically. They have tried to reach everyone in their school and the community by performing a puppet show and having articles printed in their local newspaper and were also interviewed on Limerick’s Live 95FM radio. 


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