Propose! (October - November)

Stage 1 header
  • Form a team of 2-6 students. You must all be from either junior classes (1st-3rd year) or senior classes(4th-6th year)
  • Choose a topic, click here for factsheets on each topic
  • Select one of these 3 target audiences: your peers; adults and the wider community; primary school children
  • Research your topic to find out more
  • Put your heads together and come up with exciting, creative and attention grabbing ways to get your one good idea across
  • Send us your One Good Idea Campaign Proposal Form by 11th November 2016. Tell us about your One Good Idea campaign plan and convince us that your team should be one of the Top 50 Teams selected to go on to Stage 2 and activate your campaign.

11th November 2016 DEADLINE - Teams submit Campaign Proposal forms

Each team sends their completed Campaign Proposal form to:
SEAI / One Good Idea - C/o Real Nation, Fumbally Court, Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8
T: 01 522 4830 F: 01 522 4809

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