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CSPE 2015

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The One Good Idea project is very suitable for CSPE students, as it has strong links to the CSPE concepts of Stewardship, Rights and Responsibilities and Interdependence. As well as providing an opportunity to explore topical issues like climate change and energy efficiency the project meets the requirements of an Action Project. Don't forget if your students really enjoy working on the one good idea they could go on to write about it in a RAP or CWAB.

Project informationTeacher Quote
Is Féidir L.E.O. wanted to educate primary school children about the importance of trees, so they developed a bi-lingual book for primary schools about trees. They held workshops and ran a competition in primary schools to create illustrations and poems for the book. They approached publishers and raised some funds to publish the book which they have been sending to local primary schools. They also planted trees in their school."From a C.S.P.E perspective, the One Good Idea competition is an excellent way to bring concepts such asstewardship, interdependence and development to life in an informing & engaging way. Our students learnedmuch from their participation in the competition, not just in terms of knowledge about their chosen topic butalso by developing vital skills such as organisational skills, research and public speaking. They gained greatly inself-confidence and maturity and last but not least, they had a lot of fun along the way. I would recommendOne Good Idea to all students around Ireland"Mary Carr, Abbey Community College, Boyle, Co.Roscommon
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