Science students investigate climate change and energy efficiency!

Science 2015

TOP TIP: Energy in Action is a new resource: The Teachers Guide gives an overview of the resources and maps out which are suitable for Science or search SEAI teaching resources.

The one good idea provides a context for teaching a range of aspects of the Science curriculum from units and forms of energy, principals of energy conservation,
renewable and non renewable energy resources and the need for energy conservation to our national energy
needs and the bigger global picture in relation to carbon dioxide and climate change.

Project informationTeacher Quote
The Tech-tastic Savers campaign was aimed at teaching 1st years to be more energy savvy by not overcharging devices such as phones. The team ran a ‘savies’ competition which asked students to take selfies of themselves while unplugging electronic devices. They also did workshops with  students, created posters to build awareness and even wrote a song to promote their campaign.

"There are competitions and there are competitions.  One Good Idea is not a one off. It is a competition that requires commitment over 6 months.  But the flip-side of that is you get the long-term results.  As a teacher you can see your students  mature before your eyes from the start date to the finals in Dublin Castle. They learn to own their idea, communicate it  and inspire others with it. They learn the skills of self-management and team work. And as  individuals they learn to bounce back when things get tough, be responsible for their contribution and maintain their passion to the very end.  There are lots of  surprises but most of all its great to see them flourish.  The possibility of seeing the talent and enthusiasm in students from other schools is a great inspiration and experience for them all.  And of course none of this would be possible without the commitment and professionalism of the One Good Idea team who make the experience such a good one!". 

Máire Cassidy - Rosemont School - 1st year Science

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