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Did you know?

  • In Ireland we get enough sun to use solar panels to provide about half of the hot water in our homes.
  • A large wind turbine could provide enough electricity for around 1,600 homes.

Renewable energy comes from energy resources like the sun and wind and will not run out. However, fossil fuels, or non-renewable energy resources, like coal, oil and gas, will not last forever and will become more expensive to take from the Earth. When we burn fossil fuels like petrol in a car or coal in a power station carbon dioxide is released and this is causing climate change.

We have a lots of renewable energy resources available in Ireland but we are only using a small amount.

  • the sun (solar energy)
  • the wind
  • water (hydropower, wave and tidal energy)
  • heat below the surface of the earth (geothermal energy)
  • biomass (wood, waste, energy crops)

What can we do?

We can use renewable energy in our homes for some of our heating and hot water needs:

  • Solar Panels: In Ireland, solar panels can provide around half of the annual hot water for homes. It works even when the sky is cloudy. Why not use your campaign to tell people how they can reduce their energy bills and tackle climate change by using solar energy?
  • Wood Fuel: Using wood fuel instead of fossil fuels like peat, coal or gas in a modern, efficient stove or boiler is better for the environment.
  • Heat Pumps: Heat pumps collect heat from the environment (e.g. air/ground/water) and are ideal for the Irish climate. They can be used for under floor heating in particular.


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