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Did you know?

When we burn fossil fuels like oil or gas to run our homes, factories and cars, carbon dioxide is produced. This is adding to the greenhouse effect. Thegreenhouse effect is when gases like carbon dioxide let the heat of the sun in,  but don’t allow the heat to escape (like a greenhouse). This is causing our climate to change.

Because of climate change:

  • The polar ice caps are melting.
  • Droughts and flooding are more common.
  • Deserts are getting bigger.
  • Some animals and plants are at risk of becoming extinct.
  • Weather like storms or hurricanes are more common.

People may have to move from their homes because of the flooding and destruction caused by cyclones, hurricanes, storms and landslides.

What can we do?

There are a lot of simple actions each of us can take. Why not use your campaign to encourage people to:

  • Plant native trees, and plants; they provide food and shelter for birds, insects and absorb CO2
  • Buy locally grown food that is in season when possible.
  • Walk or cycle on short journeys.
  • Choose energy efficient products e.g. CFL bulbs and appliance with an A rated energy label.
  • Don’t waste energy; find out how we can use energy more efficiently.
  • Find out what your local politicians think about climate change and what they can do in the Irish Government to address the issue.

Useful websites

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