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Did you know?

Most of the clothes we buy in Ireland come from other countries and travel many ‘fashion miles’ by train, plane and boat before they reach our shops and wardrobes. This causes greenhouse gases that are causing the climate to change. Does the label on your uniform jumper say where it was made?

Think about our clothes: How are they made? How far have they travelled? How do we care for them? What happens when we throw them away? At each stage energy is used, so by understanding more about our favourite clothes we can help make fashion greener or kinder to the environment.

What can we do?

  • Care for your clothes. Ask the person who washes your clothes to:
  • Wash at low temperatures
  • Choose a chemical free detergent
  • Do not tumble dry – use the washing line instead
  • Hang your clothes to dry to minimise ironing.
  • Organise a Swap Shop in your school. Remember someone else’s trash can be your treasure!
  • Recycle and up-cycle your wardrobe and organise a fashion show.
  • Recycle your old clothes by bringing them to your local charity shop or recycling centre.
  • Ask your favourite shops or fashion designers what steps they are doing to be energy efficiency and tackle climate change.

So why not create an awareness campaign to help people understand the changes they can make to help make fashion greener.

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