Campaign Tools

Check out the downloads at the end of the page to help you with your campaign.

When your team has finished researching you will need to:

  • Decide what you want to tell people
  • Decide how you will get the message across
  • Plan your campaign
  • Run your campaign

There are lots of ways to get your message across:

  • Create posters, leaflets, newsletters, a web page, a magazine.
  • Write and perform a play, a song, a poem, make up fun games, jingles or use puppets.
  • Create a splash with public art, organise a flash mob and catch it on film.
  • Write a press release to newspapers, radio and TV, make your own radio or TV ads.
  • Design and create merchandise: bookmarks, badges, diaries and t-shirts.
  • Organise a debate or a film screening on the topic.

Be as creative as possible in getting your one good idea out there! Click here for examples of previous campaigns

Here are some great examples of awareness campaigns Around the World:

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