Reduce Your Food Miles

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Classroom activities

  • Ask the pupils to choose their favourite item in their lunchbox or ask them to bring their favourite food from home. Help them read the labels on the item to investigate where the food comes from.  Discuss how far the food has travelled. How was the food transported - by boat, plane, train, truck, van.  Could this be bought in Ireland? Try to calculate how much carbon dioxide was emitted using the Food Miles calculator on
  • Play food mile detectives at the supermarket. Give the children a list of 4 or 5 fruit or veg, eg bananas, strawberries, potatoes, apples and brussel sprouts, and ask them to find out where they have come from by looking at the packaging when they are in the supermarket.  In class, compare the list of countries of origin and using the food miles calculator see who's shopping has the lowest carbon footprint.


Lesson Plan

Use this lesson plan to investigate food miles



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