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Download the Saving Energy at Home Factsheet

Download the Saving Energy at School Factsheet

Classroom activity

  • Pupils visit explore ideas for energy saving at home and use what they learn to make a list of energy saving tips and tell people about them with a poster, a leaflet, webpage or social media.
  • Provide other classes with tips on saving and ask them to pledge to make one simple change to save energy at home. Use post-its on a larger sheet of paper to display each classes pledges.
  • Investigate the type of energy being used in school by using the Energy detectives student logbook and wall chart
  • Design a checklist and set up a team to check each classroom for lights left on and other energy wasting actions. At the end of the week reward the classes that are most energy efficient.


Lesson Plan

  • Use this lesson plan on conducting an energy audit at home from Exploring Our Energy, Chapter five (for 3rd and 4th class) here is about.
  • Use this lesson plan to conduct an energy audit at school from Exploring Our Energy, Chapter five (for 5th and 6th class).
  • Use this lesson plan and video on Measuring and saving energy to measure energy use in school and see how to take meter readings. and how to save energy.


  • All you need to know about energy saving at home featuring an energy survey and tips. There is even a free iPhone app to help householders to be more energy efficient.
  • Find out how much energy is used by common household items - from light bulbs to your TV with this appliance calculator.
  • For factsheets, videos and lots of other information on saving energy at school go to the resources section of the Energy in Education website.
  • Read about how schools around Ireland are saving energy


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