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Energy information

Manage Energy
An interactive site from the EU, including news articles and case studies.

Energy Quest
Facts and figures about energy, presented in a simple style. The library contains some downloadable books and a science story.

How Stuff Works
Have you ever wondered how sound energy helps people in submarines communicate or how the sun works?  To find the answers to your questions look in the site categories or use the site search engine.

California Energy Commission's Links to Energy Sites on the World Wide Web
If you still need more information on energy this is a site with lots of links.

World Energy Council
The World Energy Council has many publications to view on line.

There are some downloadable simulators on this site including

FoilSim II - theoretical lift of a variety of airfoil shapes.
EngineSim-a simulator that models the design and testing of jet engines.

Website of the Science Museum’s Energy Gallery
Interactive quizzes and features all about the topic of energy.

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Energy efficiency

Energy Saving Trust
Information on what the UK are doing about energy efficiency.

Power of one
Lots of tips on how to save energy.

Build It Solar
Online heat loss calculator

Kes Lighting
Guide to energy efficient home heating

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Climate change and environmental information

Ask about Ireland
Information on climate change, has a carbon calculator and lots of information on how to tackle climate change.

Friend of the Earth
Press releases and other publications.

Ecoworld is a fun game and educational resource aimed at encouraging young people to learn about how we can all make small changes today that will help protect our world for tomorrow. If we all try to live a sustainable lifestyle it will impact on our local community and ultimately on the global community

BBC Climate
This site gives you lots of ideas on ways to save energy and it explains why each action helps

EPA Ireland
The Environmental Protection agency has developed a range of resources for secondary schools using clips from the eco Eya TV series to explore the key environmental issues we face today.

EPA Climate Change Site
The United States Environment Protection Agency Climate Change Site focuses on the science and impacts of global warming or climate change, and on actions by governments, corporations, and individuals that help address global warming issues.

Exploring the Environment
Information on climate change and global warming.

Earth observatory
Here you will find information on most things dealing with the Earth, including topics such as the atmosphere, oceans, land, energy and life.

Real Climate
This is a blog updated by climatologists who discuss the latest news on climate change.

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Renewable Energy

The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)
CAT promotes renewable technologies and provides articles and press releases for reading on line or printing out.

Geothermal slide show
A series of over one hundred slide shows on energy related topics and more. Geothermal energy is covered along with energy use, fossil fuels and renewable energy.

Irish Wind Energy Association
Comprehensive information on current developments in wind energy.

Windpower site
Lots of information about wind power. The guided tour is the most visited section of this site. It has more than 100 pages on wind, turbine siting, technology, electrical grid, environmental and economic aspects of wind energy and history.

Fuel Cell Knowhow
Fuel cell technology could provide us with an efficient, zero-emission energy. Laptops mobile, phones and cars could all be powered by hydrogen fuel cells in the future. This is an irish site with lots of information about this new technology.

Solar Power
Lots of links on solar power here


Consumer Classroom - Consumer Classroom is a community website for teachers bringing together an extensive library of consumer education resources from across the EU, along with interactive and collaborative tools to help prepare and share lessons with students and other teachers. The website is EU funded and aims to stimulate consumer education in secondary

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SEAI Publications

Why not look at the SEAI publications available online? they can be accessed here

Glossary of terms

A comprehensive list of energy related terms.Go directly to the glossary here

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