Investigating Energy - Series of videos

SEAI facilitator Sophie Nicol demonstrates some experiments on the topic of energy in these vidoes. Why not try them out yourself? All equipment is easy to source. A special thanks to the 1st year students at Eureka Secondary School, Kells, Co Meath and their teacher Mary Mullaghy.


Everyday Energy

Where do we get our energy from? What types of energy do we use in Ireland? These are just some of the questions answered in this clip.

SEAI - Science Experiment: Everyday Energy from SEAI on Vimeo


Bouncing Balls

When a ball is bounced from a height it will never bounce as high as the point from which is was dropped. This activity will help you to understand why.

SEAI - Science Experiment: Bouncing Balls from SEAI on Vimeo


Newton's Cradle

Sir Isaac Newton was a famous scientist who came up with a number of laws on energy - "For every force there is an equal and opposite reaction force" and "Energy can be transferred from one thing to another". Both of these laws are investigated in this activity.

SEAI - Science Experiment: Newton's Cradle from SEAI on Vimeo


Self Inflating Balloon

Find out why the balloon appears to blow up by itself!

SEAI - Science Experiment: Self-inflating Balloon from SEAI on Vimeo


Exploring Sound Energy

Sound is one of the many forms of energy.

SEAI - Science Experiment: What does sound energy feel like? from SEAI on Vimeo.


Lemon Battery

Find out how a lemon can act as a battery and light up a bulb.

SEAI - Science Experiment: Lemon Battery from SEAI on Vimeo.


Soda Fountain

Find out why adding Mentos sweets to diet Coke creates an explosive geyser!

SEAI - Science Experiment: Soda Fountain from SEAI on Vimeo


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