What Can Be Done to Improve a BER?

The advisory report which accompanies the BER certificate contain recommendations on how to improve the energy performance of the dwelling. 

This may encourage the carrying out of energy performance improvement works either:

(i) before the sale or letting of the dwelling, in order to improve the BER/ marketability; or
(ii) after the sale by the purchaser of the dwelling, in order to reduce home heating bills and/or improve home comfort.

Building energy performance options might include measures such as:

  • insulating the hot water cylinder and pipework;
  • increasing the insulation in the walls/attic/floor;
  • installing advanced energy efficient glazing;
  • measures to achieve controlled healthy ventilation;
  • replacing an old or inefficient boiler with a more efficient boiler;
  • installing modern heating controls;
  • installing certain types of renewable energy heating systems.

The advisory report is particularly useful to those who have just purchased an existing dwelling and plan to improve or remodel in their early stages of occupation.

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