Download SBEM Software

iSBEM_v3.5.b for Office 2007 Users Only
Download iSBEM v3.5.b Off07 onto your computer
iSBEM_v3.5.b for Office 2002/2003 Users Only
Download iSBEM v3.5.b Off02/03 onto your computer
Optional Extra Information for iSBEM
iSBEM User Manual ROIRepublic of Ireland volume iSBEM User Manual
NCM DatabasesLatest updated version of the Databases for Constructions, Glazing systems and Activities used in SBEM and other accredited tools. These databases are not required to run the tool, but are made available for information. 
iSBEM Data CollectionSpreadsheet 
NEAP Modelling Guide and| SBEM TechnicalManualThe SBEM Technical Manual provides details on Non Domestic Energy Assessment procedure.



How to install iSBEM on your computer:

You need to have Microsoft Access installed on your computer. Both the “full version” and the "front end" of Microsoft Access are suitable to run the tool.  Please note the software will not work on Windows 98.

Save the iSBEM_v3.5.b.exe to a folder of your choice on your hard drive (do not open the file at this point)

  1. Once the download has completed:
    a.     Double-click iSBEM_v3.5.b.exe to initiate the self-extracting process.
    b.     Select “Run”
    c.     Select “Unzip”
    d.     This will automatically install the application to a new folder in your hard drive (by default: C:\NCM). You may change the installation path if you wish.
    e.     First install the patch01 and then the patch02 following the same process. For the patches use the same installation path as the one used for installing iSBEM.
  2. For Office 2002/2003 Users - To run the tool from windows explorer:
    a.     Double-click
    (If the default installation path was not changed) OR
    b.     selected_path\iSBEM_v3.5.b.mdb (if you changed the installation path)
  3. For Office 2007 Users - To run the tool from windows explorer:
    a.     Double-click
    (If the default installation path was not changed) OR
    b.     selected_path\iSBEM_v3.5.b.accdb (if you changed the installation path)

Important notice for all users of previous versions of iSBEM:
Please note - There is a conversion tool included within version v3.5.b  This tool is an Access database called nct_convert_v3.5.b.mdb
If you wish to open previous NCT files created with any previous version, please double-click in nct_convert_v3.5.b.mdb and fill the information required in the form to get a new NCT file compatible with iSBEM_v3.5.b


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