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What is EXEED?

EXEED - (Excellence in Energy Efficient Design) provides a new framework for energy efficient design management for both new investments and upgrading of existing assets. EXEED will independently certify assets using this framework that optimises energy performance and energy management capability. The EXEED process puts energy management firmly on the design agenda -commencing and integrating the energy management discipline at the earliest stages of design.

PDF Brochure outlining the EXEED process
Powerpoint presentation delivered at recent launch of EXEED



Using EXEED, lifecycle energy consumption and related carbon emissions can be addressed at the design stage of new investments. The greatest potential for energy saving with the best return on investment can be implemented, escaping the lock-in effect of poorer performance. Energy performance will then be continuously improved from a lower baseline during operation.

EXEED Certified Distinctions

What assets can benefit?Who benefits?
EXEED is applicable to any sector, any organisation, and any project. It can be applied for use in any industrial site, new, modified or renovated facilities, buildings, equipment, systems and processes. Projects can be of any scale or complexity.
As examples, projects could be a;
- Greenfield design
- Brownfield design (repurpose)
- Energy upgrade to existing asset - re-engineering and retrospective commissioning
- Major renovation of existing asset

EXEED is an exciting and effective new program for incentivising, rewarding and facilitating energy efficiency in businesses. Owners and operators are primed for optimum energy performance, enabling them to create continuous savings. By providing independent certification and quality assurance, the scheme will help investors to identify projects with valuable green credentials and lower financial risks. EXEED challenges management norms, offering service suppliers an innovative approach to boosting the quality and profitability of their services. Ultimately EXEED is a valuable instrument in helping to build market capacity and propel Ireland to the forefront of efficient energy management.

Benefits of EXEED

EXEED Grant Scheme
The EXEED Grant Scheme 2017 is now open. To learn about the application process, please click here

EXEED Registered Certification Bodies

Please see the list of certification bodies registered under the EXEED certified program:

If you are a certification body interested in registering under the EXEED program, please contact jason.doherty@seai.ie or derek.egan@seai.ie

Registered certification bodies shall meet the requirements of the EXEED program competency framework. This includes:

  • Accreditation by the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB) or equivalent to international standard IS0 50001
  • Meet competency requirements to audit measurement and verification plans and reports



If you wish to commence the EXEED certification process, please contact a certification body from the list above to register interest and receive further guidance. If you need any additional information, mentoring or advice, please contact SEAI.


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