Tyre Labelling

The EU Labelling of tyres (fuel efficiency) Regulations (S.I. 342 of 2012) set out the national rules for the tyre labelling. Tyres are ranked on a scale from A (best) to G (worst).

With a view to ensuring that the fuel savings do not come at the expense of safety or noise, three parameters are evaluated:

  • Fuel consumption is related to the rolling resistance. By reducing rolling resistance, the tyre consumes less petrol.
  • Wet grip is one of the most important safety characteristics of a tyre. Tyres with very good wet grip have a shorter braking distance when it rains.
  • The external noise generated by the tyre is expressed in waves: one black wave is the lowest noise level and three the highest. The aim is to reduce traffic-related noise.


A user-friendly guide to the Tyre Regulations is available here



Tyre labelling image





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