Inside the Smart Economy

Ireland’s ability to position itself as a global leader in the global clean tech sector could have an enormous impact on the country’s future economic development. SEAI has engaged with various market players in an attempt to ascertain their perspective on Ireland’s ability to grow a clean tech sector and grasp its competitive advantage. SEAI met with representatives from 12 enterprises and financiers operating in the cleantech areas and their testimonies have been presenting in the publication “Inside the Smart Economy”.

From talking to a number of the stakeholders involved in the sector, it is apparent that Ireland has huge potential and entrepreneurial pedigree to be successful in this growth area. We have grouped the responses from the interviewees into four key thematic areas :

1. Introduction to the enterprises and financiers
2. Ireland’s advantages in terms of clean technology
3. State supports
4. Future prospects

Project Objective: SEAI undertook this project for a number of reasons

» We wish to provide a voice and platform for sustainable energy businesses within the green economy

» We want to hear and listen to what these businesses have to say about clean tech enterprise in Ireland

» We wish to ascertain what Government and state agencies can do to help grow the smart economy

For more information on clean tech and green enterprise in Ireland please contact Matthew Kennedy by email at

Download our 'Smart Economy' Reports below

Introduction to the enterprises and financiersIreland's advantages in terms of clean technologyState SupportsFuture Prospects
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