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2005: Irish energy management standard IS 393 developed by NSAI in consultation with SEAI and in collaboration with Industry Reps.

2006: Members of the Energy Agreements Programme start implementing IS 393.

2009: The European energy management standard EN16001, for which the Irish standard was a blueprint, is published.

2011: Publication of new international standard ISO 50001.

All companies that were certified to IS 393 transitioned or upgraded to EN 16001 by July 2010. Members of the Energy Agreements Programme implemented IS 393 from 2006 onwards and have achieved substantial improvements in energy efficiency, as well as savings. EN 16001 was based on and contained no major changes from the Irish standard IS 393. In some clauses, the text was almost identical. Since 2011, international best practice has seen Irish companies transition to ISO 50001.

EN 16001 Technical Guideline

Outlines the technical stages and processes of an energy-management system, and summarises methodologies and approaches that can be used in both satisfying the standard and ensuring the development and operation of an effective system:

EN 16001 Technical Guideline.pdf (size 561.3 KB)

EN 16001 Internal Audit Guide

Outlines a a range of recommended approaches to performing internal audits, and will assist auditors as they audit an EN 16001 energy-management system:

EN16001 Internal audit guide.pdf (size 795.5 KB)

EN 16001 Implementation Guide

Outlines a recommended approach to implementing an energy-management system that meets the requirements of EN 16001.

EN16001 Implementation guide.pdf (size 529.2 KB)

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