LIEN Overview

LIEN Overview

The Large Industry Energy Network (LIEN) is a voluntary network, facilitated by SEAI, of companies working to maintain strong energy management and environmental protection practices.

Regular workshops, seminars and site visits enable LIEN members to learn from energy experts and other specialists, and share knowledge and experiences with other energy managers.

The energy-saving achievements of LIEN members are particularly notable because most of the companies had already pursued strong energy management before joining the network.

LIEN Benefits

By taking part in LIEN, you will:

  • Have access to LIEN's energy expertise and knowledge, built up over a decade and a half.
  • Reduce your energy costs.
  • Maintain robust energy efficiency.
  • Reduce your greenhouse-gas emissions.
  • Boost your reputation for social responsibility and environmental protection.

The 192 companies of the LIEN now represent approximately 19% of the national Total Primary Energy Requirement and an annual energy spend of €1.06bn.

An estimated 770 GWh of energy savings were achieved in 2013 through the implementation of specific energy-saving measures by Network members.


What do LIEN members commit to?

On joining the network, you commit to:

  • Developing an energy management programme.
  • Setting/reviewing energy targets.
  • Undertaking an annual energy audit.
  • Reporting annually on energy performance.
Join the LIEN

Membership is expanding all the time. You can join the LIEN if you are part of the Energy Agreements Programme and/or spend more than €1m on energy yearly.

If you are interested in joining, please call Ivan Sproule LIEN Programme Manager at 071 9159730 or


LIEN events


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