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Compressed Air

Generating compressed air to service core energy requirements can account for as much as 30% of your total energy budget.

The 2007 Compressed Air Special Working Group (SWG) produced the following report and guide:

A compressed-air benchmarking report will be available here shortly.


HVAC can account for as much as 80% of a site’s total energy budget but offers major energy-saving opportunities.

The 2007 HVAC Special Working Group (SWG) produced the following report:

The 2008 HVAC Special Working Group (SPIN II) continued the initiative:

Fact Sheets

Case Studies

The 2009 HVAC Special Working Group (SPIN III) delivered the following outputs:

  1. HVAC Special Working Group Spin III - Report.pdf (size 557.8 KB)
  2. Waste Heat Recovery Potential for HVAC Systems – Report.pdf (size 1.2 MB)
  3. The Use of Energy Performance Indicators (EPIs) in HVAC Systems - Report.pdf (size 654 KB)
  4. LIEN HVAC Benchmarking - Report.pdf (size 4.2 MB)
  5. Effectively focused HVAC Special Investigations – Guidance Document.pdf (size 2.1 MB)
  6. Effective HVAC Energy Management Resource – Guidance Document.pdf (size 1.1 MB)
  7. Air Change Reduction Initiative, Servier – Case Study.pdf (size 5.4 MB)
  8. Astellas – Case Study.pdf (size 1.3 MB)
  9. HVAC Operations Optimisation – Factsheet.pdf (size 1.3 MB)
  10. HVAC Energy Factors - Factsheet.pdf (size 3.8 MB)
  11. Weekend Shutdown of Validated Air Handling Systems - Factsheet.pdf (size 152.7 KB)
  12. HVAC Operational Control Checklist - Excel Spreadsheet.xls (size 97.8 KB)
  13. AHU Operational Control - Spreadsheet Training Document.pdf (size 1.3 MB)
Energy-Efficient Design (EED)

EED is a means to develop the best energy-saving opportunities for the least initial investment at the project design stage.

The 2008 EED Special Working Group (SWG) produced:

Case Studies


Refrigeration can account for 10% to 60% of a site’s electrical load and offers much potential for efficiency improvements.

The 2008 Refrigeration Special Working Group (SWG) produced:

Fact Sheets

Alternative Methodologies

The Alternative Methodologies Special Working Group (SWG) was established to examine the possibility of combining tools and techniques from Continuous Improvement methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma and TQM with the analysis tools used in energy management. 

The 2008 Alternative Methodologies SWG produced:

Case Studies

Industrial Best Practice Initiative

The Industrial Best Practice Initiative promoted the use of innovative energy-efficient methods and technologies in Irish industry.

You can download any of the following Industrial Best Practice Case Studies:



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