Special Working Groups

Special Working Groups (SWGs) are run each year as part of the Special Initiatives under the Energy Agreements Programme (EAP).

Focus: SWGs are focused on specific technologies, initiatives and areas of particular interest to members (see list in table below).

Membership: Members are drawn from the EAP and LIEN, and are supported by SEAI-appointed experts.

Phases and Spins: Each SWG initiative goes through the phases of Piloting, Implementation, Replication and Standardisation. The projects are divided into Spins, to cater for project phases and new members.

Benefits: SWGs offer a wide range of benefits to members, including by:

  • Focusing on areas that particularly interest members
  • Enabling members to share knowledge and experiences and learn from energy experts
  • Identifying energy-saving projects, grouped special investigations, and benchmarking
  • Providing shared studies, self-assessments, methodologies and guidelines
  • Continuing to add value for members after the initial EnMS implementation phase

Activities: SWG activities include site assessments, audits, demonstration projects, special investigations, desktop research, design of experiments, methodology development, new tools and new solutions development.

Reports: Published SWG reports include international input and details of energy-saving opportunities.

To see a summary of the activities of specific SWGs, click on the relevant group in the tables below.

2007 Special Working Groups
2008/2009 Special Working Groups

Select above links for more information and the outputs of each SWG.

2009/2010 Special Working Groups

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