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Alternative Methodologies SWG — Spin I, 2008


Progressive companies are increasingly implementing energy management effectively. However, it is important to focus on the benefits of combining it with methodologies such as Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Lean Sigma, Kaizen and Total Quality Management (TQM), and thus generate step improvements in quality, productivity and waste minimisation.

The alternative methodologies are under-used as enablers for significant energy-efficiency projects and have potential for development. Companies need to know how to integrate ISO 50001 into their Continuous Improvement culture and how to apply the analysis tools they already use to energy management.


  • Examine the possibility of combining Continuous Improvement tools and techniques (eg, Lean, Six Sigma and TQM) with the tools already used in energy management

Members: 9 companies and Energy, Lean and Six Sigma experts


  • Carried out initial research to gain an understanding of the toolsets available and how they might work together
  • Investigated how an IS 393 management system could be integrated into a Lean/Six Sigma environment and synthesised tools and workfows traditionally used in energy, quality and operations management so as to create more effective versions
  • Developed Value Stream Mapping with energy (VSMe)
  • Completed a series of demonstration projects to showcase a number of the proposed alternative methodologies and, in particular, the synthesised


  • Value Stream Mapping with energy (VSMe)
  • Demonstration projects
  • Project report (See link below)
  • Case studies (See links below)

Opportunities identified

  • Clear demonstration of the improvements possible through combining and integrating tools and techniques in Energy, Quality and Operations

The SWG concluded that it would be highly beneficial to research further, sponsor demonstration projects and develop a methodology and guidelines.

Reports & Guides (click on link to download)

Alternative Methodologies SWG Project Report Document

Case studies

  1. Value Stream Mapping with Energy, VSMe – Roadstone Provinces, Bunratty, Co. Clare
  2. Overall Equipment Effectiveness Improves Energy Efficiency – Connacht Gold, Shannonside Plant, Co. Roscommon
  3. Roadstone TQM Case Study - Roadstone, Bunratty, Co. Clare
  4. Kaizen Event focus on energy – Food company

(Some files are large and may take time to download.)

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