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Alternative Methodologies (Spin II)


The Alternative Methodologies Special Working Group (SWG) is focused on the benefits of combining tools and techniques from energy management practice with methodologies such as Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Lean-Sigma, Kaizen and Total Quality) amongst others.


Spin II of the Alternative Methodologies SWG built on the achievements of Spin I to further develop and enhance analysis and improvement toolsets for energy management.

The Alternative Methodologies SWG supported a number of companies implementing energy improvement opportunities within their businesses. Companies were supported by an Energy Consultant and a Lean / Improvement Consultant to demonstrate the benefits of leveraging Alternative Methodologies for energy improvements. 

Many of the improvement reports have been documented in the form of Case Studies available below.


A total membership of 14 which comprised of stakeholders from;

  • Industry –Energy users from Energy Agreements Programme
  • Energy, Lean and Six Sigma experts.


Key concepts introduced in Spin I were further developed and applied within member companies. A specific and significant change in Spin II was the concept of Blended Experience / Expertise where an improvement expert was teamed up with an energy expert in facilitating the improvement work. Case Study reports will attest to the significant benefits that member companies received from having this enriched resource working on their project.

The work of the Alternative MethodologiesSWG was delivered in cooperation with other SWGs to share techniques and expertise where projects intersected.


The Alternative Methodologies SWG Spin II report describes the developments of energy improvement techniques and in particular details of principles and processes applied in using VSMe and MUDAe for Energy Improvement Projects. Additionally, some Lean concepts were explored in relation to their potential impact on energy management.  

Case Studies generated from the SWG range from Kaizen and DMAIC improvement projects to VSMe and MUDAe applications and in all cases, securing improvements for the participant companies in their chosen energy improvement areas. 

In addition to the above, an Energy Management Maturity Model was designed, developed and piloted with a number of participant companies.

Opportunities identified

Mentoring and coaching by Energy and Lean / Six Sigma experts has helped accelerate the learning of member participants and allowed them to experience the benefits of the blended tools and methodologies.

This delivered the dual objectives of helping member companies improve their energy performance and enhancing the improvement skills of participants on these projects

Alternative Methodologies SPIN II SWG Documentation (click on link to download - Available shortly)

Alternative Methodologies SPIN II SWG Project Report

Alternative Methodologies Case Studies

  1. Astellas - DMAIC
  2. Bulmers - MUDAe
  3. Cadbury - VSMe / DMAIC
  4. Heinz - DMAIC
  5. Leo - Blended Tools / Kaizen / A3
  6. Molex - PDCA
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