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Commercial Buildings Special Working Group (Spin I)



This special working group was offered by SEAI to large energy users within the LIEN and Energy Agreements and concentrated on energy usage and energy efficiency opportunities in large commercial buildings.


6 Members from SEAI’s Energy Agreements Programme and LIEN


The Commercial Buildings Special Working Group focussed both on quick wins during the life of the SWG and on strategic wins for the longer term, via the following activities;

  • Stimulation of energy reduction activity in companies that may not have happened otherwise,
  • Provision of a structured approach for unrelated companies to work as a group on common energy issues.
  • Exploration of large commercial buildings, to determine the most significant opportunities for the members
  • Creation of deliverables and outputs, which can be replicated without duplicating development effort.
  • Identification of strategic approaches in energy management that can be standardised to enable a longer term and wider reduction of energy use.
  • Bringing peer companies together face to face, to learn from each other and from a technical panel
  • Exploiting links to other SEAI programmes e.g IS ISO 50001 transition and uncovering compatibilities with other SEAI support structures e.g Special Investigations


Outputs from the Commercial Buildings Special Working Group included;-

  • Benchmarking,
  • Operations & Maintenance,
  • Standard Solutions for Retrofit,
  • Retro-commissioning,
  • Energy Needs Auditing
  • Change Management.

The group focused on materials that might improve the performance of their existing buildings rather than focusing on new building designs.

Opportunities identified

Areas identified for best practice include;

  • Operational and maintenance (O&M) improvements to increase energy efficiency of significant energy users;-  heating, hot water and lighting
  • Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) O&M Tips
  • Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) O&M Tips
  • Lighting O&M Tips
  • Equipment and material solutions available for commercial buildings focusing on considerations for retrofitting existing buildings
  • Building Fabric Retrofit Tips
  • Heating Retrofit Tips
  • Cooling Retrofit Tips
  • Application of current known International Building Benchmarks in an Irish Context

Commercial Buildings SWG Documentation (click on links below to download)

All documents will be available here shortly

Commercial Buildings SWG Project Report

Operations & Maintenance for Energy Efficiency

Benchmarking of Commercial Buildings in an Irish Context

Standard Solutions with Retrofit Considerations

Change Management in Energy Initiatives

Retro-commissioning and User Needs Energy Auditing

Case Studies, Special Investigations & Other Materials

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