Special Working Groups

Data Centre Special Working Group (Spin I)


Energy efficiency in Data Centres is an area in which there are many initiatives taking place, both internationally and in Ireland. These initiatives aim to inform and stimulate data centre operators and owners to reduce energy consumption in a cost-effective manner.


To explore and address the common energy use and consumption issues shared by all members of the working group from an industry that must guarantee information security and business continuity for its client base.


Eight Members from SEAI’s Energy Agreements Programme and the Large Industry Energy Network (LIEN).

The Data Centre Special Working Group (SWG) is made up of companies who provide data centre services as part of a commercial offering or as an internal service to other parts of the business. Therefore, this SWG has participants that compete against each other for external business. This competition factor is a unique feature of the data centre SWG.


Data Centre SWG activities include:

  • To facilitate networking within Data Centre organisations in Ireland
  • To assist participating companies in achieving the best performance through focussed Special Investigations
  • To understand best technology and practices
  • To identify areas for improvement and improvement projects
  • To focus particularly on Special Investigation opportunities within the Data Centre SWG participants
  • To disseminate best practice
  • To provide information on the types of improvement projects undertaken by SWG participants, in terms of the delivery and the outputs of the projects


The SWG Project report documents the progress of the working group, describing the workshops that were held, and the outputs delivered in terms of site assessments and guide documents. It outlines the opportunities for further investigation and recommendations for future activities.

Opportunities Identified

Areas identified for best practice Data Centre demonstrator projects include:

  • Free Cooling
  • Evaporative Cooling
  • Implementing ISO 50001 Certification
  • Metering
  • Cold Aisle Separation
  • Increased Cold Air Supply Temperature
  • Under Floor Air Flow
  • Lighting
  • Virtualisation

Data Centre SWG Documentation (click on links below to download)

Data Centre SWG Project Report

Desktop Studies

Data Centre Energy Efficient Design Guide

A Guide to Energy Savings in Data Centres

Applying the EN16001 Certification to Data Centres

Relative Humidity in Data Centres

Practical Options for Retrofitting Data Centres

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