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HVAC Special Working Group — Spin II, 2008


The 2007 Spin I HVAC SWG found that, if all the potential opportunities it identified are implemented, maintaining an energy-efficient HVAC system can reduce its operating costs by up to 40% and a site's total energy usage by up to 16%. Spin 2 delved deeper into the opportunities uncovered.


  • Investigate further and in greater detail the savings potential outlined by Spin I of the HVAC SWG

Members: 13 companies


  • Report on HVAC savings opportunities
  • HVAC system audit guide
  • Control strategy illustration of good and bad practice
  • URS guidance document on including energy efficiency at project design stage
  • Case studies
  • Demonstration project in highly regulated facility
    (See links below)

Opportunities identified

  • Potential savings of around 134 GWh of electrical energy and 84 GWh of thermal energy
  • Potential energy savings of €17.9 million
  • Potential to reduce CO2 emissions by 98,000 tonnes

Reports & Guides (click on link to download)

HVACSWG Spin II Report Document

Fact sheets

  1. Documentation available on HVAC System Optimisation
  2. User Requirements Specification
  3. HVAC System Optimisation Methodology
  4. HVAC System Optimisation Action Plan
  5. Analysis of HVAC Control Strategies

Case studies

  1. Challenging Sterile Area Requirements – Leo Pharma, Dublin
  2. Challenging Sterile Area Requirements - Leo Pharma, Dublin - Updated
  3. Pressure Differential Analysis – Leo Pharma, Dublin

(Some files are large and may take time to download.)

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