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HVAC Special Working Group – Spin III, 2009

The third spin of the special working group set up to consider Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC). This working group has built on the resources developed during Spin I and Spin II to incorporate all aspects of a management system and has addressed the issues surrounding operational control of HVAC systems.


  • Delivery of a comprehensive set of resources that will assist industry in the operation of superior HVAC systems.


  • Nine Energy agreement companies and six consultancy firms


  • Development of HVAC EPI document
  • Methodolology fact sheet for HVAC system auditing
  • Energy Factors Fact Sheet
  • Development of Operational Control Questionnaire for HVAC
  • Report on the Heat Recovery potential from HVAC
  • Methodology document to outline the resources required for effective management of HVAC systems
  • Out of Hours HVAC Shutdown Potential

Opportunities Identified

  • On average,  €147k of energy savings potential exists in HVAC systems.
  • Potential exists to optimise HVAC even in facilities mature in the area of energy management.
  • Opportunities for improvement exist in various areas of HVAC systems, ranging from controls and management, to the operating philosophy behind the HVAC system
  • Fundamental challenges to current HVAC operations can be backed up by operational data.

Reports & Guides (click on links below to download)

  1. HVAC Special Working Group Spin III - Report.pdf (size 557.8 KB)
  2. Waste Heat Recovery Potential for HVAC Systems – Report.pdf (size 1.2 MB)
  3. The Use of Energy Performance Indicators (EPIs) in HVAC Systems - Report.pdf (size 654 KB)
  4. LIEN HVAC Benchmarking - Report.pdf (size 4.2 MB)
  5. Effectively focused HVAC Special Investigations – Guidance Document.pdf (size 2.1 MB)
  6. Effective HVAC Energy Management Resource – Guidance Document.pdf (size 1.1 MB)
  7. Air Change Reduction Initiative, Servier – Case Study.pdf (size 5.4 MB)
  8. Astellas – Case Study.pdf (size 1.3 MB)
  9. HVAC Operations Optimisation – Factsheet.pdf (size 1.3 MB)
  10. HVAC Energy Factors - Factsheet.pdf (size 3.8 MB)
  11. Weekend Shutdown of Validated Air Handling Systems - Factsheet.pdf (size 152.7 KB)
  12. HVAC Operational Control Checklist.xlsx (size 35.8 KB)
  13. AHU Operational Control - Spreadsheet Training Document.pdf (size 1.3 MB)
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