Special Working Groups

Refrigeration Special Working Group - 2008


The Refrigeration SWG clearly demonstrated that refrigeration offers important opportunities for saving energy and identified areas that require further work.


  • Examine energy efficiency in industrial refrigeration, covering installations using process-chilled heat transfer fuids and installations generating chilled water to supply cooling coils for space air-conditioning

Members: 15 companies

Activities: Surveys were carried out on the refrigeration system of each member company.


  • Surveys identified savings of around 16 GWh of electrical energy, equal to €2.047 million in energy savings and a reduction of 8,744 tonnes in CO2
  • Report and technical summary of the findings, detailing typical bad practices and energy-saving opportunities
  • Fact sheets

Opportunities identified

  • Potential to reduce refrigeration energy usage on site by 24% (on average) even though these energy-aware companies had previously implemented many energy-saving measures

Reports & Guides (click on link to download)

Refrigeration SWG Project Report Document

Fact sheets

  1. Reducing Energy Use in Large-scale Refrigeration and Cooling Systems
  2. Refrigerants Choice, Regulatory Requirements and Energy Efficiency
  3. Condensing Pressure Reduction and Liquid Pressure Amplification
  4. Recovering Heat from Refrigeration Systems

(Some files are large and may take time to download.)

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