Public Sector Energy Partnership

Partnership programme delivery

Getting Started - 1st Annual Action Plan

On signing the Partnership document, the development of your Public Body’s first Annual Action Plan begins; this details the approach to implement a structured energy management programme.

SEAI commits a significant level of resources to help your Public Body establish the key elements of an energy management programme. This includes:

  • An SEAI appointed Relationship Advisor (RA) leads your organisation through an Advanced Diagnostic to identify an Energy Management baseline or a gap analysis for EN16001.
  • An Annual Action Plan.
  • When ready, development of an Energy Strategy to map out a way forward for your Public Body – this step includes help in identifying a team and structure for Energy Management.
  • Energy MAP Training.
  • Other specific supports, e.g. an energy efficient design (EED) review on a large design project or support for a project that fulfils the criteria for a current SEAI grants scheme.
  • Understanding your organisational and sector issues, and tailor delivery to needs.
  • For organisations responsible for many sites, SEAI will work to promote and implement energy management in those sites.
Ongoing - Annual Partnership Cycle

The annual Partnership Cycle involves a series of engagements between the Public Body and SEAI’s RA. These engagements cover the following;

Advanced Diagnostic: this is an operational review of (a) the Energy Management Programme, (b) progress on implementing the previous year’s Annual Action Plan and (c) consumption and savings. It is undertaken in Q1 of each year.

Partnership Review: this is a high level, strategic review of EM and the Partnership process. It includes a meeting attended by the RA, SEAI and the Public Body Energy Sponsor. It is undertaken in Q1 or Q2 of each year. The key output from this step is annual action plan document agreed by the Energy Sponsor and SEAI.

Energy Data Submission: SEAI will advise your organisation in making its annual submission of energy data via SEAI’s Monitoring & Reporting system.

Public Body Annual Report: SEAI can assist your Public Body to integrate energy metrics into your annual report.

Annual Action Plan: The RA will meet with the Public Body towards the end of the year (Q4) to review the draft Annual Action Plan for the following year.  The key output from this step is a signed-off Action Plan for the subsequent year.

Service Offerings: SEAI will proactively target the delivery of offerings to the Public Body throughout the year, including: funding, finance and procurement; EED; bespoke assessments; strategy updates; working groups; grants; Energy MAP training; bespoke training.

True partnership is based on commitment. The greater the engagement of the Public Body, the greater the support from SEAI. SEAI will monitor the level of commitment, resources, and progress demonstrated by the Public Body and tailor the provision of SEAI support accordingly.

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