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The Public Sector has been challenged to reach verifiable energy-efficiency savings of 33%. This target requires management commitment at the highest level and the involvement of all public sector employees.

The Public Sector target is bold, but reaching it is essential for our economy, our environment and the country. Every year Ireland spends almost €6 billion on imported energy, with a Public Sector energy spend of €500 million p.a.




2020 Vision

“The public sector will improve its energy efficiency by 33% and will be seen to lead by example - showing all sectors what is possible through strong, committed action”

National Energy Efficiency Action Plan 2009 – 2020

The Benefits

Save money – a clear priority in current economic circumstances. Many organisations can achieve 20% savings in energy use through proven management and technology solutions.

Meet legal requirements – the public sector must deliver 33% energy efficiency savings by 2020 and adopt green procurement measures to help cut emissions. SEAI will help you meet your legal obligations.

Good for the environment – energy management is a highly cost-effective means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help reverse climate change.

Programme Structure

SEAI supports Public Sector organisations to meet their energy efficiency target and offers a comprehensive support and engagement programme through:

Where to Start


The Public Sector Programme is an essential pillar in the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan. The Programme helps integrate energy management into the general management of public sector organisations and provides central advice and monitoring services to support all public bodies in their efficiency efforts. Experience, actions and innovations by Public Sector organisations are also shared via the programme to help others avoid “re-inventing the wheel” and provide a short cut to success.

SEAI has already achieved significant success through its public sector programme, providing a firm foundation to achieve the 33% savingstarget by 2020. The Authority is working with public sector organisations throughout the country to help them reduce energy costs and cut carbon emissions.

More Information

Public sector goals are detailed in the NEEAP, which charts a clear roadmap to the achievement of targeted energy savings by 2020.

These goals are part of the policy framework established by the Energy White Paper “Delivering a Sustainable energy Future for Ireland”.


Where to Start

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