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Where to Start

Whatever your experience or progress to date, SEAI can tailor its support to meet your needs. The practical tools, resources and guidance you need are freely available and many public bodies are already using them.
What we offer

SEAI provides Public Sector bodies with both expertise and assistance to help them improve energy efficiency. If your organisation is committed to saving energy and money, then SEAI have the resources to help you fulfil that commitment.

Here are some of the services that SEAI offers:

- On-site assessments
- Best practice guidance
- Training
- Energy Efficient Design
- Dedicated energy advisor
- In-depth assessments
- Monitoring of progress and savings
- Help with energy reporting

Your key to our services

The simple grid below is your roadmap to working with SEAI. Whether you operate from a single location or from multiple sites your route to a sustainable energy strategy is here.

Diagram of the services availalbe to public sector organisation

Public sector specific support

If you already have an energy strategy in place, see how SEAI can further help you through these services:

Partnership agreement

The Partnership Agreement is the most comprehensive support package available from SEAI and is offered to large organisations in return for commitment to energy management from your organisation. SEAI systematically guides you to develop, execute and maintain energy reduction plans, while your organisation commits to drive the programme forward and to aim for year on year savings targets of greater than 3%.

Monitoring and reporting guidance

SEAI offers guidance and assistance to help your organisation fulfil its obligation to report annually on energy usage and on the actions taken to reduce consumption.

Funding, finance and procurement

SEAI directs public bodies to sources of alternative financing for energy technology projects, and provides advice on procurement.

Best Practice

SEAI best practice support for the public sector includes:


Other resources and tools

SEAI offers a range of resources and tools for organisations to implement a structured energy management programme:


Energy management


Training & Networking

There is no direct cost. SEAI provides support tailored to your needs. We have the expertise to accelerate your energy-saving strategy and to transform energy efficiency opportunities into real financial benefits.

For more information on the programme or to initiate a Partnership Agreement contact Ph: 01 808 2100 or email

Partnership agreements

The most comprehensive support package available

Best Practice

Guidance, design advice and success stories

Funding, finance,

Energy efficient projects, services and equipment

Reporting guidance

Making energy reporting easier


By signing up with the SEAI AMA programme we got the technical
support from the experts and a step by step plan on how to become more energy efficient and save money.

Nicky Cavalleri, Energy Manager
City of Galway VEC

Contact us
For more information on the programme or to initiate a Partnership Agreement contact Ph: 01 808 2087 or email

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