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All Annual Reports published by public bodies from 1st January 2011 onwards must include sections reporting the organisation’s energy usage and the actions taken to reduce consumption.

You need to report the total amounts of electricity, fossil fuel and renewable fuels your organisation used during the year. You may also provide further breakdown of consumption by end user and fuel type, however, this is not a mandatory requirement.

To facilitate the reporting process, SEAI and the Department have developed a simple reporting template and calculator tool for use with annual reports. The reporting template can be amended to fit organisational circumstances.

Tools to help you complete your annual report

English Versions

Irish Versions

Letter from DCENR to all public sector bodies.pdf (size 23.2KB)Litir ó DCNER chuig gach comhlacht de chuid na hearnála poiblí.pdf (size 18.9 KB)
Annual Reporting Template.doc (size 52.7 KB)Teimpléad um Thuairisciú Bliantúil.doc (size 55.8 KB)
Sample Completed Annual Report Template.pdf (size 53.9 KB)Sampla de Teimpléad um Thuairisciú Bliantúil Comhlánaithe.pdf (size 26.4 KB)
Energy Consumption Calculation Tool.xls (size 49.2 KB)Uirlis Ríomhaire um Ídiú Fuinnimh.xls (size 36.4 KB)

Some Frequently Asked Questions on the template and the annual reporting process are available here.

Tá roinnt ceisteanna coitianta ar an teimpléad agus ar phróiseas an tuairiscithe bhliantúil ar fáil anseo.

The Annual Reporting Template

The template is broken into three sections:

1. Overview of annual Energy Usage

Give a brief overview of the main energy users in the organisation, e.g. buildings, water services, vehicle fleet, public lighting etc.

Report the total annual energy consumption and a breakdown of the electricity, fossil fuel and renewable fuel sub-totals consumed in the year (in MWh or kWh).

2. Actions Undertaken during the year

List the main actions taken by the organisation to improve energy performance and give an estimate of the savings made through each action.

3. Actions Planned for the coming year

List the main actions that the organisation plans to implement in the coming year (and beyond) to improve energy performance and give an estimate of the predicted or targeted savings.

Actual energy consumption figures and estimates should be reported in either megawatt hours (MWh) or kilowatt hours (kWh).

Additional information on completing the annual report and using the template is available in our Frequently Asked Questions


Download a copy of this webpage in Irish here:

Your Organisation’s Annual Report Webpage - Irish.pdf (size 30.2 KB)


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