Health Services
EE Opportunities are Money Saving Opportunities
Hospitals are among the most intensive energy users in the country, with 80% of energy costs from heating alone. The larger health facilities are collectively responsible for a significant energy bill and around half a million tonnes of carbon emissions.
Services Available At No Cost

Energy Management reaps financial and environmental rewards. SEAI are committed to supporting the health sector with a range of services, at no direct cost; each designed to complement an organisation’s commitment to energy efficiency.

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Best Practice

SEAI Best Practice support for the health service include:

  • Energy Efficiency Working Groups
  • Energy Efficient Design Service
  • Best Practice Guidance Documents
  • Best Practice Procurement

For more information see Best Practice.

Role Model Organisations

See what organisations in the Health Sector have been doing to save energy:

Role Model Organisations

Exemplary successes, the details, and the means to help and inspire others

Real support and expert advice

Delivered by experts, tailored to your needs

Best Practice - Better Results

Applying international best practice - higher standards, higher achievement and exemplary results

Monitoring and Reporting

Reporting is mandatory - but SEAI makes it easy

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