Local & Regional Authorities
EE Opportunities are Money Saving Opportunities

SEAI, working with Local Authorities and Local Energy Agencies, has identified three key high consumption areas to help achieve significant reductions in their energy demand:

  • Water Services - use about 40-60% of the average Local Authority's energy consumption.
  • Public Lighting - represent a further 30-40% of the average Local Authority's energy consumption.
  • ICT - an area on the increase.

In 2011, the SEAI and the City and County Managers' Association surveyed the status of energy management in all 34 Local Authorities. The survey report can be downloaded here.

Energy Efficiency Working Groups are in operation to help all Local authorities identify, analyse and implement energy saving measures. These working groups bring real world solutions which help reduce consumption and save money.

Services Available At No Cost

Simply demonstrate a commitment to a structured approach to energy management and SEAI will provide advice, information and support to local authorities, free of charge.

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Best Practice

SEAI Best Practice support for Local and Regional Authorities include:

  • Energy Efficiency Working Groups
  • Energy Efficient Design Service
  • Best Practice Guidance Documents
  • Best Practice Procurement

For more information see Best Practice

Role Model Ogranisations

See what organisations in Local and Regional Authorities have been doing to save energy:

Role Model Organisations

Exemplary successes, the details, and the means to help and inspire others

Real support and expert advice

Delivered by experts, tailored to your needs

Best Practice - Better Results

Applying international best practice - higher standards, higher achievement and exemplary results

Monitoring and Reporting

Reporting is mandatory - but SEAI makes it easy

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