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A BMS (Building Management System) is a computer based system linked to outstations to control building services components such as sensors, valves, dampers and actuators. The outstations are designed with customised software to control energy-using plant and equipment, report on the plant’s performance, and optimise building energy efficiency.
  • Ensure that the BMS is switching plant on and off according to time, type of day, or environmental conditions (including lighting)
  • Ensure the system can automatically adjust the start/stop times to compensate for external temperature changes and the thermal inertia of the building
  • Ensure that system ‘alarms’ are investigated by trained operating staff and not ‘overridden’
  • Ensure standards of operation and maintenance are improved by prompt remedial action on ‘alarm’ conditions
  • Ensure that the BMS is configured to provide energy analysis and management information such as energy flows, consumption, trends and overall building performance
  • Appropriate operating and maintenance manuals must be available to the end‐user in order to optimise the achievement of any potential energy efficiency gains
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