Quick wins for Combined Heat and Power

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Combined Heat and Power (CHP) can provide a secure and highly efficient method of generating electricity and heat at the point of use. Applications that are generally suitable for CHP include hotels, hospitals, industrial processes and commercial buildings, where a continuous demand for both heat and power exists.
  • Ensure that all the no-cost and low-cost energy saving opportunities are implemented prior to sizing your CHP, as this will reduce the base load required for the CHP plant
  • Carry out a daily visual inspection of plant for leaks and unusual noises
  • Re-evaluate the economics of running the unit at periods of low electricity tariffs, price reductions or if there is a fall in heat demand and excess heat needs to be ‘dumped’
  • Ongoing monitoring of fuel inputs and outputs is necessary to ensure the unit is performing as specified as well as hours of operation
  • Operators must be fully trained in the operation of the plant
  • Ensure manufacturers monthly, six monthly and annual maintenance procedures are completed
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