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The way in which staff and pupils use a school can have a significant effect on its energy bill. Energy management can easily be built into both the primary and secondary curricula, thereby engaging pupils in the process. Individual energy projects are an opportunity to promote responsible environmental stewardship. Some simple no-cost actions can save money straight away. By adopting good housekeeping practices, energy costs can be cut by at least 10%.

Hear from a childrens' creche that has reduced their energy use:

Childrens Republic Montessori, Galway

  • Go through your energy bills with your supplier so you understand any penalty charges and how they can be reduced or avoided e.g. check overnight consumption
  • Ensure light switches are labelled to show the lights they control
  • Ensure lights are not left on when there is good daylight in the classroom and paint any unpainted blockwork in a light coloured paint
  • Avoid having excessive heating temperatures (especially in corridors) and ensure heating is switched off out of school hours
  • Have the caretaker check that all timeswitches on heating equipment are set correctly
  • Ensure boiler and controls are routinely serviced, especially “weather compensation” controls
  • Ensure that doors and windows are not left open (including high-level windows) during the winter, insulation is in good condition and exit doors are draughtstripped
  • Ensure teaching aids and office equipment (projectors, PCs , monitors, whiteboards, printers , photocopiers etc) are all switched off in the evening, use timeswitches on larger equipment
  • Ensure ventilation fans are switched off at the end of the day
  • Put non-perishable vending machines on 7 day timers and empty them and switch them off in holidays
  • Schools and colleges over 1000 m2 need a display energy certificate (DEC) and the compilation of details (with help from students) will provide a useful starting point for an energy campaign
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