Quick wins for Electro-Mechanical Systems

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Electro-mechanical systems have undergone dramatic changes over the last few years in terms of their size, weight and power consumption and draw power only when they are needed spending a fraction of their cycle time at peak consumption compared to hydraulic systems
  • Voltage stabilisation reduces losses in electrical equipment, reducing energy consumption, and the lifetime of equipment is also extended with a consequent reduction in maintenance costs
  • Evaluate the opportunities to replace fluid powered moulding with electric injection moulding which can cut power requirements by up to 45%
  • Process Energy Management Systems should be able to monitor production information for the process, the real driving force behind the energy being used
  • EMS have the potential to create awareness of energy saving data among staff through energy dashboard displays in public spaces
  • EMS operators must be trained to use all the features of the software and established control parameters should not be over- ridden
  • Consider a move from hydraulic actuation to electric actuation, especially in applications requiring a high degree of responsiveness, limited space constraints, and high uptime is required
  • Evaluate the opportunities from switching to all electric blow moulding machines with electric servo drives replacing hydraulic cylinders, overall machine energy consumption can be reduced by up to 30%
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