Quick wins for Heating

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Rising prices for heating oil and natural gas means that you need to make sure your heating system works as efficiently as possible and is well controlled.
  • Set your thermostat as low as is comfortable in the winter
  • Check that timer controls are correctly set and reflect occupancy hours
  • Bleed radiators at the start of the heating season
  • Check that heat emitters are unobstructed e.g. ensure radiators are not blocked by office furniture
  • Set-back the temperature for corridors and areas that are not normally occupied
  • Ensure heating and cooling ceiling mounted cassette units are not working against each other in the same space (heat up to 19 degC and cool at 24degC)
  • Ensure cold/hotspots are reported to Maintenance so they can adjust settings
  • Ensure boilers are serviced annually and controls are recalibrated
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