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There is potential to save energy and money at every stage of the production or manufacturing process through improved technology and work practices. Energy costs should not be seen as a fixed overhead but as a manageable resource essential to the production process that can be improved and refined and as a key contributor to good productivity.
  • Go through your energy bills with your supplier so you understand any penalty charges and how they can be reduced or avoided e.g. how much electricity is used at night if there is less production
  • Charge fork-lifts overnight on cheaper rate electricity
  • Ensure light switches are labelled to show the lights they control and lights are switched off when not needed
  • Avoid indiscriminate use of compressed air as it costs ten times as much to generate as the equivalent amount of electrical power at the point of use
  • Carry out simple and repeated walkaround surveys to check leaks in water, air or steam lines, tag leaks and have them promptly repaired
  • Check if machines are kept idling e.g. before production runs or when not required for a particular production line
  • Check if Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) can be used instead of throttling back airflow from fans with dampers
  • Fit interlocks or sensors to conveyors or link them to machine start-up/shutdown switches so that they only operate when the ancillary machines are operating
  • Ensure there is a start up programme for staggering switching on of equipment at the start of shifts
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