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Industrial and commercial refrigeration systems are most efficient when the evaporator absorbs as much heat as possible (from the chilled space) and the condenser can release as much heat as possible (normally to outdoors) and the refrigerant flows efficiently between the two.
  • Refrigerators and freezers should be located away from heat sources
  • Keep condensers and evaporators clean and free of dust and dirt
  • Check air flow around refrigeration units and remote compressors to ensure that they are not obstructed and that grilles are not blocked
  • Check and maintain strip curtains on walk-in refrigerated spaces
  • Ensure seals and gaskets are in good condition
  • In larger refrigeration systems, check for bubbles in the refrigerant cooling liquid sight-glass as they indicate a leak that should be repaired
  • Service refrigeration system and components, and calibrate controls yearly
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