Quick wins for Renewables: Biomass Energy

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Biomass refers to cellular material from living or recently dead organisms. It is a widespread resource and can be divided into wastes and purpose grown material as follows; -Waste streams including residues from forestry and related industries, recycled wood,agricultural residues and agrifood effluents, manures, the organic fraction of municipal solid waste, separated household waste and sewage sludge. -Purpose grown energy crops including short rotation forestry, miscanthus grass, etc.
  • A well-designed system for delivering, storing and transferring solid biomass fuel is essential
  • Use of high-quality fuel which is appropriately specified to the plant in use
  • Automatic ignition avoids the need to re-light manually
  • Automatic de-ashing avoids the need to rake out ash manually
  • Avoid short-cycling (where the boiler turns on for only short periods before turning off)
  • The boiler should have an efficiency of 85% or higher and CO2 emissions less than 200 mg/m3
  • When replacing an existing heating system, consider improving the building's insulation to reduce heating loads for the new system
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