Quick wins for Renewables: Geothermal Energy

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Heat is widely available in the ground, air and water around your building. These natural sources of heat are constantly replenished by the sun, wind and rain. A heat pump system will harness these free and renewable energy sources for heating your business and supplying hot water at a very low cost.
  • Before investing in heating appliances, ensure that the building has good levels of insulation to reduce heating loads
  • Only opt for a heat pump with a recognised certificate of quality and performance
  • Your heat pump and its heat source (ground or water collector) should be designed by a professional to meet the heating requirement of your business
  • Your supplier should recommend an installer with the proper training and experience in this field
  • Make sure your system has been thoroughly checked and commissioned before signing off the installation
  • Building heating systems and controls must be able to interact effectively with heatpump arrangements
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