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There are 3 basic approaches used today to gain maximum benefit of solar energy in buildings. Passive Solar uses a building’s orientation, construction materials and natural lighting and ventilation forces to minimise heating and cooling costs. Active Solar Heating, uses solar collectors to transform solar energy into heat to provide space and/or water heating. Photovoltaics, use daylight (not necessarily direct sunlight) to convert solar radiation into electricity.
  • maximize solar gains in the building (through good orientation and layout, and glazing)
  • avoid heat losses through ensuring a high level of insulation and air-tightness of the building
  • Make the best use of daylight coming through your windows and rooflights
  • ensure a high degree of comfort by using controlled ventilation and daylighting
  • Solar panels should be located so they have access to the sun (orientated between south-east and south-west) and no over-shadowing by trees or other buildings
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