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Significant energy savings can be made in shops and stores by making small changes to routine operation and maintenance actions. A 20% cut in energy costs represents the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales.
  • Go through your energy bills with your supplier so you understand any penalty charges and how they can be reduced or avoided and consider any guidance or suggestions for reducing your bills
  • Check that lights are switched off when not required, and appropriate lighting levels for different tasks e.g. reduce lighting levels up to 5 minutes before store opening
  • Ensure all light switches are labelled with a note on when they should be switched on and off
  • Ensure display lighting is focussed on displays and not used for general store illumination
  • Make sure that air curtains, heating and ventilation equipment are clear of obstructions and are switched off out of trading hours
  • Note if customers complain if it is too hot or too cold or comment on store conditions/ equipment and adjust settings or rectify
  • If possible, load refrigerated cabinets in the evening/night for the following day to take advantage of night rate electricity to chill products
  • For non-perishable goods stored in refrigerated cabinets or vending machines, e.g. soft drinks, ensure that units are switched off outside of opening hours
  • For replacement equipment choose items listed on SEAI’s Accelerated Capital Allowance list
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