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Sports buildings are complex buildings in terms of the services provided and energy usage. Energy costs can account for as much as a third of operating costs and small adjustments to housekeeping practices can lead to very noticeable cost savings.
  • Go through your energy bills with your supplier so you understand any penalty charges and how they can be reduced or avoided e.g. how much electricity is used at night
  • Ensure heating and ventilation for specialist instruction classes out of hours only operate in the spaces required
  • Ensure pool covers are put in place every evening
  • Ensure vending machines for non-perishable food and drinks items are switched off over- night by using simple timeswitches
  • Maintain appropriate temperatures, ventilation rates, lighting levels and water temperatures as recommended by sports industry bodies e.g. The Institute of Sport and Recreation Management
  • Establish a maintenance schedule for the cleaning of lamps and fittings
  • Ensure light switches are labelled to show the lights they control and lights are switched off when not needed
  • Ensure backwashing occurs based on pressure difference across the filters
  • Ensure heating boilers are routinely serviced e.g. gas boilers once a year and oil boilers twice a year
  • Ensure ventilation in pool halls is set back overnight to maintain appropriate humidity levels
  • Ensure staff are familiar with the correct operation of controls and equipment
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