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Vehicles largely use liquid fuels and spend their productive lives out of sight on the road: measurement and control of fuel usage is key to controlling driver behaviour and delivering improved fuel efficiency.
  • Measure and manage, always measure fuel usage vehicle by vehicle on a weekly or monthly basis in L/100km [Litres per 100Km]
  • Check tyre pressures regularly, if tyre pressure is only 25% down, fuel consumption will be up by 2%
  • Drive at a steady speed, acceleration and slowing down uses fuel, so it is always more fuel efficient to drive at a constant, slower speed
  • Decelerate smoothly, when slowing down or stopping, gently release the accelerator in good time, leaving the car in gear
  • Air conditioning can be a fuel waster, however for long at motorway speeds, using air conditioning on large vehicles is more fuel efficient than opening windows, which lead to increased wind resistance
  • Anticipate traffic flow, look ahead as far as possible and adjust speed accordingly. By watching the road ahead driving will become smoother, safer and more economical
  • Weight, every extra kilogram of vehicle empty weight costs you money in fuel; specify the lightest possible vehicle commensurate with safety and meeting business need
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