Quick wins for Variable Speed Drives

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Typically a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) is a system that uses an external signal to control the rotational speed and torque of an AC induction motor by adjusting the frequency of the power supplied to the motor.
  • Ensure the output from the VSD is automatically matched to the changing motor load. The VSD must be able use an appropriate external control signal to vary it’s output
  • Ensure that the VSD is installed in a non corrosive and dry location as electronics are less robust than conventional starters
  • Ensure adequate ventilation of the unit to maintain the long life of components including capacitors
  • Appropriate operating and maintenance manuals must be available to optimise the achievement of any potential energy efficiency gains
  • Ensure that operator training has been provided for units above 15kW so they run efficiently
  • Report any motor/pump vibrations to Maintenance
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